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Discovering Your Purpose

The Journey to discovering who you are and what brings eternal joy is a complicated and at times challenging journey. A few things I have learnt so far on the journey; As Christ teaches us in Matthew that we are the light of the world. What good is light when it is under a table or what good is salt when it loses its saltiness. This is a well know scripture that I have known all my life, however I began meditating upon it a few years ago and did not think much more about it apart from speaking on discipleship.

More recently, I had a revelation of that scripture in line with purpose;

1. What is the 'thing' that makes your heart sing. As long as this thing is good and edifies yourself and family, edifies your community. That thing that brings the glory of God to your world. I was frustrated with my job and where I was working and began crying to God to reveal my purpose and why I'm in this place I hate so much. God opened an opportunity at that job in which I had a very deep conversation with a colleague on what they were dealing with privately. Out of nowhere I had an opportunity to minister to them in the printer room. It is at that moment I realised how my heart sang in offering advice/help and allowing God to use me at that moment. What makes your heart sing? Do you light up every time you talk about fashion, books , hair whatever it is, you know it deep down.

2. What area do you feel you are always under attack. The devil comes to kill steal and destroy. That is basically the devil's job description - Kill, steal, destroy. The devil knows that God has put something within you that will prosper you, that will cause you to shine and that will bring the Glory of God to the nations through you. The best drug dealer on the block might have been a great pharmacist, who knows. What are you struggling with? People say you are too loud, too aggressive, maybe that's the makings of a powerful prayer warrior, interceding and laying hands and having people healed, maybe its the makings of a great preacher bringing people to the knowledge of God. Do not let the devil destruct you and stifle your talents. Take the power back and strive. Whatever your goal or purpose in life, I truly believe that the first step to internal happiness and living a fulfilled life is to discover yourself and what you would absolutely love to do whether its for a dollar or a million dollars.

3. What do you keep talking yourself out of? It can be overwhelming to take the leap of faith, but start small. Start the step and baby steps are better than no steps at all. Beside you will never know until you start that journey. Just do it you got one of the best guides in the world, the Holy Spirit.

So whatever stage in life you are, its never too early or late to follow your heart in discovering your purpose.

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