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Promised Land - the other side

The desert before the promised land. The Israelites toiled the desert for 40 years because they received a bad report concerning the promised land – the land of milk and honey. Because of the bad report, they doubted God’s promises. What is the mountain you are toiling – what is the situation that seems to go around and come back around AGAIN for you.

Is your job a place/position of purpose, where you are called to make a difference or has it become just a job where it has become toil?

What is preventing you from going into the land of milk and honey, your life of abundance. What giants (doubt, insecurities, anxieties) do you think will devour you. How long shall you wait before you possess your inheritance (How long are you going to wait until you take possession of the land the Lord, God of your ancestors has given you - Joshua 18:3). The Lord whom has given you the promises is greater than the giants you think you will face, he is greater than the competition, greater than whatever it is you are afraid of. The Lord who has given you the Holy Spirit to guide you and Christ has already fought and WON the battles before you.

Do not allow or accept the giants to intimidate you.


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