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Welcome to my site, my desire is to inspire. You Only Live Once so why not try to make it the best version of yourself. Why not explore the things that bring joy to your heart. Do not underestimate your vision, you never know where your blessings lie and how that vision can be a solution to someone's problem..

October 16, 2018

The desert before the promised land. The Israelites toiled the desert for 40 years because they received a bad report concerning the promised land – the land of milk and honey. Because of the bad report, they doubted God’s promises. What is the mountain you are toiling...

August 12, 2018

I am quickly realising that I need to stop overthinking because you end up;

Talking yourself out of things. Things that may have very well brought you joy or you may have loved.

Overthinking also wastes time, instead why not start the journey to discover things you love...

June 15, 2018

The Journey to discovering who you are and what brings eternal joy is a complicated and at times challenging journey.  A few things I have learnt so far on the journey; As Christ teaches us in Matthew that we are the light of the world. What good is light when it is un...

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December 15, 2018

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